Our starters

Pan Fried duck liver paté
Frogs legs “à la provençale” or with garlic

Our salads

Green salad
Salade composée (tuna, sweetcorn, tomato, lettuce)
Mixed salad with fried egg
Roquefort salad with walnuts and raisins
Warm goats cheese salad with lardons
Salade gourmande (mixed salad with goats cheese)
Salade du « Bachknippe » (duck liver raviolis, terrine, maxim potatoes, green salad)
Salade Nordique (smoked salmon, fromage blanc, maxim potatoes, green salad)
Potatoes gallettes with green salad

Our Specialities

Omelette du Père Georges (omelette, chips, salad)
½ young cockerel (chips, salad)
Grilled ribs (chips, salad)
Pork knuckle with raifort sauce
Pork knuckle
Pork knuckle with Munster cheese
Grilled pig snout stuffed with black pudding (potatoes, green salad)
Baeckeoffe (potatoes, carrots, celery leeks, pork, lamb and beek)
Choucroute Alsacienne (Sauerkraut cabbage, potatoes, pork belly, Montbeliard sausage, knack sausage)
Alsacian roast beef (chips or spätzele)
Horse steak (chips, salad)
Lasagne bolognaise
Lasagne bolognaise with green salad

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